Storage Bag UGREEN LP139 Gray 50147

Double Layer compartment
Zipped mesh pocket
Anti-skid elastic straps
Plastic bone help hold the good shape
Material: cotton& linen + polyester
Product size: 245*175*50mm


Κωδικός προϊόντος: 340315

LP139- 50147
IPAD&Accessory Multi-functional Storage Bag
Electronics Travel Organizer:
Multiple mesh pockets of various sizes provide great
flexibility for organizing travel electronic accessories.
Enhanced Durability:
With heavy-duty nylon shell and soft inner lining, it
provides excellent protection and organization from
scratches, dust, impact and accidental drops.
Double-layer Design:
The upper layer is used to organize small items such
as USB cables, SD cards and chargers. The lower
layer can hold larger gadgets such as adapters,
external hard drives, etc.

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