Smartphone Ring Tripod with Remote Shutter Logilink 25 cm AA0152

For 4–7” smartphones
Color adjustable: warm light, natural light, cool light
Dimmer control
Smartphone holder with integrated tripod, adjustable height: 23 – 40 cm
Ring light diameter: 25 cm
Power via USB port
With the included remote shutter release you can control your phone while taking photos or videos
120x LEDs
Input: DC 5 V/2 A (10 W max.)
Material: ABS
Cable length: 1.8 m
General product data:
Weight: 0.83 kg
Height: 3.5 cm
Width: 26.5 cm
Length: 28.5 cm
Weight: 0.524 kg
Height: 6.5 cm
Width: 26 cm
Length: 58 cm


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Smartphone ring light tripod with remote shutter, height adjust., O 25 cm” from LogiLink
The LED ring light features adjustable color temperature and brightness. Equipped with a gooseneck arm and a 360° metal ball head, you can easily rotate your phone to capture the best angle for optimal lighting. The tripod is also extendable in height up to 40 cm and has a remote shutter.
Place your ring light wherever you want. Ideal for vloggers, makeup artists and video calls.

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