Charging Cable WK TYPE-C Tint II Blue1,2m WDC-17a 6A

Length: 1200mm
Type: USB To Type-C
Cover Material: Cable: true silicone / Connector: aluminum alloy + TPE
Transmission Ablility: 6A
Data transmission: 480Mbps


Κωδικός προϊόντος: 250765

WDC-17 Tint Il Series True Silicone 6A Data Cable
6A Fast ChargingLiquid silicone cable
Fast charging + data transmission, 2-in-1
Fully compatible, 6A high-power output
Genuine liquid silicone, soft and elastic cableo
Automatically retract, no scratch, tangle-freeo
Resistant to fire and freeze, safe use from -50°Cto 200°C
Aluminum alloy, octagonal edge, advanced cuttingprocess, light luxur

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