Bicycle Holder for Smartphone LogiLink AA0149

Suitable for mobile devices with a width of 55–95 mm (for 3.5–7″ smartphones)
Fits any bicycle, motorcycle, stroller, treadmill, shopping cart, scooter, wheelchair
and other round handlebars with a diameter of 22.2–31.8 mm
Quick and easy attachment and removal of your smartphone by turning the knob on the side
Includes spacers attached to the terminals to protect the device from scratches and bumps
Holding device: angled
360° rotatable and 120° tiltable for the perfect viewing angle
Firm hold and no slipping of the smartphone
Made of high quality, lightweight aluminum alloy
Color: Black/Red
Weight: 0.11 kg
Height: 12 cm
Width: 7.7 cm
Length: 10 cm


Κωδικός προϊόντος: 30727

Keep your phone close to you while driving. LogiLink’s fastening construction keeps your smartphone shockproof and secure on the bike even on bumpy roads. Installation is child’s play and fits all handlebars with a diameter of 22.2–31.8 mm. In addition, the angled bracket is adjustable in width from 55 to 95 mm and can be tilted by 120°. Included: spacers, for more protection against scratches. Perfect for bikes, scooters and strollers.

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